Your Guide to Healthcare Management Jobs, Careers & Programs

Why Earn an MBA in Healthcare Management? The healthcare industry is expanding at a very rapid pace. People are living longer and more productive lives. Science and technology is advancing quickly, so there are more advanced medical treatments available. There are more medical facilities opening all the time, and there is a strong focus on limiting costs.

How Cloud Technology Is Changing Healthcare

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Managing data to provide better treatment

IBM researchers have created a supercomputer that can help doctors to provide better diagnoses and recommend better treatments. Doctors may be able to rely on this computer and ones like it to better track patient history, stay current on research and analyze superior treatments.

Top 25 MBA In Healthcare Scholarships & Grants

In today's constantly changing economy, funding your education can be a daunting experience, and not every student has the means to complete an undergraduate degree and an MBA. Fortunately, there are many opportunities throughout the academic world for private and public funding through grants and scholarships to help you complete your healthcare MBA program without opening lines of credit, or missing out altogether.
Given all of this activity in the healthcare sector, it is no wonder that there is such a strong need for business management experts in the industry. With an MBA in healthcare management, you will find yourself in great demand for good jobs with good pay. Earning that MBA in healthcare management will provide you with many long term benefits.

Higher Salary

While healthcare is not the traditional path for MBA graduates, you will find the pay is very much worth your while. reports that the average salary for a healthcare MBA is $102,000: Other online data reveals the high salaries of MBA Healthcare graduates as well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median salary for all medical and health services managers was $88,500 in 2012. The top 10% earned more than $150,000.

High Job Availability

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports more good news for healthcare management MBA holders: The job demand for medical and health services managers is going to soar by23% by 2022, which is much faster than other occupations. Specifi cally, employment is expected to grow for health-related busi ness managers in the offices of health practitioners. Many of the services that are provided in hospitals are shifting to lower cost settings. So, we expect that demand for good medical group practice management is going to grow accord ingly in coming years.

Career Options for Healthcare Management MBA

There are many paths that you can choose with your healthcare management MBA. Some of the most popular jobs with this degree and median salary include:

Hospital Administrator

( $111,000 )
You will work to make the healthcare facility more efficient. Possible workplaces include a hospital but also a nursing home or outpatient center.

R&D Business Manager

( $102,000 )
This role is typically involved in the business management of a research and development company.

Hospital CEO

( $166,000 )
You will be the head of organizing, directing, and planning all operations for the hospital.

Medical Practice Manager

( $81,000 )
You will handle the business affairs of a smaller healthcare organization. You will work most on billing, budgeting, hiring staff and managing the work schedule.

Pharmaceutical Project Manager

( $92,000 )
Common roles in this position include analyzing investments, reviewing of market data, and coming up with effective promotional plans for drugs. You will be more marketable for this position if you have consulting experience.

Health Informatics Manager

( $84,000 )
You will manage the information flow in your hospital, medical practice or healthcare facility. You also have to make sure that all data is stored and tracked in the most appropriate manner.

Hospital CFO

( $155,000 )
Hospitals today must be run in the most cost effective manner possible. As the CFO you will need to manage and meet all financial risks in the healthcare organization. You also will handle most of the record keeping and financial planning. Strong skills in finance, business, management and marketing are needed.

Learn Online

Given the strong demand for healthcare MBAs, it is no surprise that there has been an explosion in universities offering MBA programs. Many of these programs are offered entirely online.
Some of the many online healthcare MBA programs include:

Requirements for MBA Healthcare Management

Most MBA healthcare programs will require that you complete approximately 50 credit hours. Most degrees are completed in two or three years.
Common courses for healthcare MBA programs include: